Ross Brown

Ross BrownBorn and raised in the shadow of the House of Guitars. Learned the finer points of music from a Coal Miners Daughter. Began making noise on a make shift drum set with like-minded punks with guitars. Got married to an Artist on a hot June day. Then one day went camping with an English Folkie who said there are two kinds of music Swing and Scottish. The rest is.

Chris Towner

Chris TownerA Multi-instrumentalist playing mandolin, slide guitar, banjo and harmonica. Started playing guitar as a teenager for fun, and in a high school band. Took a long sabbatical, then got serious about playing “again“ about 10 years ago. Took up mando , slide and banjo at that time. Influences include country style blues, old time - bluegrass – newgrass music, along with good old southern rock. Currently into the songwriter types, like Jason Isbell, Sam Baker, Darrell Scott and Chris Stapleton…but listens to a wide range of music. Favorite mando players are Sam Bush, David Grisman and Tim O’Brien. Favorite bands include Little Feat, The Band, Lucero, Drive-by-Truckers – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Uncle Tupelo and, of course, Mystic Stew.

Colin Hansford

Colin HansfordA guitarist with various excursions on slide guitar. A transplant from the U.K. to the USA many years ago. Like Chris, also took a long sabatical from playing while work and family took center stage. Started playing once again in 2010. As a teenager growing up in London during the 1960s, played in several bands and was heavily influenced by the Blues and was most fortunate to have seen and been inspired by many of the greats in both the Blues and Rock genres during that time. Has a very eclectic taste that includes music from Africa, the Middle-East, India and of course, America in its many flavors. Playing in Mystic Stew is a treat that is an important part of his life.

Adam Candela

Adam CandelaA musician since elementary school, Adam learned various percussive practices with school bands. Eventually focusing on set playing he joined the jazz ensemble in high school gaining experience with the fundamentals of jazz, funk and Latin styles.

He continued to grow musically while playing in numerous rock, blues, metal and punk bands over the years to blossom into the well rounded drummer that he is today.

Jim Candela

Jim CandelaJim Candela, upright bass, started his affinity for the bass clef as a tuba player in high school. He continued his affair with the tuba in a brief stint with a brass quintet at Nazareth College. Jim abandoned the tuba in his early 20's to pursue singing in community choruses and local musical theater groups, where he met his wife, Ellen, during a community theater production of "Camelot".

Jim and Ellen left the footlights of the stage behind to raise a family and pursue careers. Jim returned to being an instrumentalist during mid-life when he started playing upright bass and penny whistle with traditional Irish session groups, starting at Johnny's Pub and currently with the Monday Night sessions at Nazareth College.

Jim's new association with Mystic Stew has been both enjoyable and challenging, as he works on techniques that complement the unique sound and style of the band.